Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Postmodern Art of Michael Kerbow

Michael Kerbow is a San Francisco-based artist who works in a variety of  media including painting, drawing, assemblage and digitally-manipulated photography. Kerbow's work "explores the way in which we engage with our surroundings and the possible consequences our actions have upon the world in which we live."
You can visit Kerbow's website here 

Studio Visit: Artist Michael Kerbow from Craig Mieritz on Vimeo.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Real Sharp Ones


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The Unseen Cinema of HR Giger

Marking the one-year anniversary of the passing of HR Giger, the amazing Swiss visionary artist, the Museum of Arts and Design ( in Manhattan, NYC)  presents "The Unseen Cinema of HR Giger", a week-end long event ( May  22 - May 23 ) that presents rare and never seen before films made by and about GR Giger.
To get event info and details go here 
THE UNSEEN CINEMA OF HR GIGER at the Museum of Arts and Design from Panorama Programming on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

An Old Story to End

Nowadays the people who still support "drug prohibition" are just corrupted politicians, 'embedded' media,  ignorant and brain-washed persons and who benefits from the illegal status of (certain) drugs: narco cartels, mafia(s), (private) prison system, "anti drug" agencies or  rehab entrepreneurs...
Drug prohibition, based on racial prejudices and unscientific presuppositions,  is a corrupted system that don't solve anything but just produces crime, second class citizens and give an excuse to control and repress minority groups...Let's end this insanity once and for all....

Prohibition of Drugs

The Visionary Art of Michael Ramstead

Inspired by mythology, dark fairy tales, scary stories and folklore, Michael Ramstead is a painter from Long Beach, California (b. 1988)
You can see his paintings and get some info here 

Electronic Voice Phenomenon. 2011

Monday, 18 May 2015

The Truth

"Follow the company of the truth seekers, run from those who have found it."
(Vaclav Havel)

The Manual of Psychedelic Support

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Every "experienced" person knows that the most meaningful and fruitful psychedelic sessions are those made in a comfortable, quiet setting, alone or with few selected friends. That said, many people also choose to have a psychedelic trip during music festivals and various kinds of gatherings; "Burning Man" in the U.S. or "Boom Fest" in Europe are a tipical entheogenic setting for many people.
In such a context, crowd, heat and sensory bombing can lead to emotional meltdowns and difficult experiences. For a few years now, small groups of people and independent harm reduction organizations are  present at various events, giving support to people in  need and sometimes also analyzing the content of pills and powders in the field.
Now some of the leading experts in harm reduction and psychedelic help have produced The Manual of Psychedelic Support, a comprensive guide  written by psychedelic cognoscenti, therapists and artists (from MAPS, Erowid, Kosmicare, etc.) and dedicated to festival goers and organizers, or the individual psychonaut who wants to prepare a good self-experimentation and avoid possible problems.
The manual is also an essential guide to setting up and running compassionate core service during festivals and similar events.
The manual is free and you can download it here