Sunday, 29 June 2008

Astounding Artists: Larry Carlson and Jacek Yerka

I continue with my personal gallery of preferred artists. This time I like to present you Larry Carlson and Jacek Yerka, two completely different artists, with different inspiration and style but the same visionary approach and formidable painting/artistic technique.
Larry Carlson is an American artist well known in the psichedelic network and among surreal/visionary art lovers, who expresses himself with digital art, collages, interactive images and videos. Visiting his site and his regularly up-dated blog is equivalent to a fantastic and magical ride for eyes and mind

Jacek Yerka (1952) is a Polish surreal artist, famous for his visionary worlds and magical landscapes painted in Flemish style. If you like his paintings below, visit his nice site and go here for a big gallery of his works

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