Friday, 20 June 2008

The Great Graphic Art of Alan Aldridge

Few days ago surfing the Net I stumbled in some works of the renowned artist Alan Aldridge (1943) and suddenly I remembered when I saw his beautiful works for the first time. It was back in the '70s, when I bought "The Beatles lyrics" (1969) and was totally fascinated by the Aldridge's visual comments to the Fab Four's songs. Looking those pictures and in general the other great visionary works (album covers, posters,etc.) that Aldridge made in the past forty years, I have to say that in some ways we underestimated this artist (who greatly helped to make the so-called 'psychedelic art' mainstream) and didn't give him all the merits he certainly deserves. I try to correct that posting my personal tribute here and urging all of view to visit his nice site

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