Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Death in June - Little Black Angel

My personal musical tastes are rather diversified. I mainly love and heard roots reggae, but in general I like all the high quality music, so for example I can easily jump from ambient or blues to folk or Hindu devotional songs...Recently I stumbled upon this fascinating Death in June's 'murder' ballad and immediately fell in love. I don't know in which musical genre one could exactly put Death in June's style; usually they are considered neo or apocalyptic folk, or sometimes post-industrial. Granted that personally I don't care so much about labels, in this case I would simply say that Little Black Angel is a great, disquieting, 'dark psychedelic' song, inspiring deep, obscure feelings and really suitable for these dark, rainy days. I hope you'll like it, even though it's not the usual kind of music (and musical vibes) that you can usually find on this blog.

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