Tuesday, 9 December 2008

For Alexis

The 15 years old Alexis Grigoropoulos has been killed on saturday night by a cop in the 'alternative' zone of Exarchia in Athens. Many witnesses confirm that it was a cold blood murder, not an accidental killing during a fighting between a police patrol and a group of young anarchists as said by (police) ufficial sources. Since then Athens and other Greek towns are burning: thousands of protesters face police and show their anger destroying cars, super-markets, banks and luxury shops.
It isn't a novelty: the Greek police is particularly violent, expecially against young, 'alternative' people, drugs users and drop-outs in general and many talk about torture (and even homicides) against immigrants in police stations. Evidently this time the 'bottom of the bucket' broke down. We hope there will be justice for Alexis and the thugs in uniform will pay.
Rest in Peace Alexis, this is for you. A better world's possible


Anonymous said...

alexis assasination prooves that
in greece we do not have democracy
and that old people want a dead youth
there is only 1 solution to save our democracy
in the next elections the 250 from the 300 members of the greek parliament to be young people under the age of 30s

young people will define their future
not people who are 70 ,80 or 90 years old and they are edicted to power

it contains the forbidden erotonomicon that socked greek society with its anarchistic and sexual theme and the poems new york olympia and exhibition of orthodromic retrospection

Skywalker said...

Thanks for commenting on this. but are you sure that is all about 'age'? Obviously young people often show an 'open mind' attitude that most of old people seem to have lost, but I personally know stupid, arrogant and fascist young people too. I can't see a solution in the short term: what we can do is to ridiculize and fight back the (young and old) power junkies and try to be better human beings.