Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lone Pine Stories: Myron & Jean speak

Myron Stolaroff is a real pioneer of the psychedelic research. In 1961 he founded the International Foundation for Advanced Studies (IFAS) in Menlo Park and served as its president from '61 to '70. Between '61 and '65, IFAS conducted clinical investigations administering Lsd, mescaline and other psychedelics to hundreds of subjects with interesting and promising results. In 1965, the FDA began to revoke permits for human studies with psychedelics, forcing the conclusion of this project.
Between 1970 and 1986, Myron and his wife Jean (often together with a selected group of psychonauts and 'clients') conducted additional personal studies with 2c-b and other (then) unscheduled compounds. This important work was stopped too with the passage of the Controlled Substance Analogue Act of 1986.
Author of "Thanatos to Eros" (now freely downloadable here) and "The Secret Chief", Myron is still active nowadays: he's often lecturer in conferences on entheogens and remains an important, respected and beloved elder to the psychedelic community.
Erowid is currently undertaking the cataloging and digitization of Stolaroff's vast archive of letters, writings and ephemera related to his research into the effects of psychedelic drugs on human consciousness.
Hear Myron and June speaking about their work and experiences ( first of six videos posted in these days on youtube.)


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Her name is "Jean."

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