Sunday, 20 December 2009

12 Pounds of Medicinal Cannabis

When Richard Daleman was arrested in December and charged with possessing and cultivating marijuana for sales, it seemed unlikely he’d ever be reunited with his confiscated stash. However, that is exactly what happened outside of the Tulare County Courthouse (California) late last month.
In March a jury acquitted Daleman, a medical marijuana patient in good standing. This prompted a judge to rule that Daleman’s medicine, which had been stowed in the courthouse evidence room, be returned. After prosecutors delayed the return of his property, Daleman decided to head down to the courthouse and retrieve it himself.
Daleman proceeded to roll out 12 pounds of marijuana from the courthouse and load it into a waiting truck. Before driving away, however, Daleman made sure to weigh (and sniff) his medicine. All in all, Daleman admits, “They maintained it pretty good.”

(source: High Times)

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