Monday, 11 January 2010

Birth of a Psychedelic Culture

Many people, even within the entheogenic community, have harshly criticized - often without exactly knowing the real facts - Tim Leary's radical approach to the psychedelic experience. Now, thanks to the other two original members of the Harvard psychedelic trimurti, Ralph Metzner and Ram Dass, we finally have access to the real story behind the origins of the modern psychedelic culture. In the new book The Birth of a Psychedelic Culture (264 pp., $ 29.95, Synergetic Press), Metzner and Ram Dass, during an interview with psychiatrist Gary Bravo, give intriguing anecdotes, comments and new perspectives on the first experiments at Harvard and later at the Millbrook community and help restore Leary's reputation.
All you interested in psychedelics and the sixties shouldn't miss this priceless historical document: and while you dress before running to the nearest bookshop or search for the book on the Web, you can find an interview with Metzner on the book here and the foreword by John Perry Barlow (writer, former Grateful Dead lyricist and a founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation) here.

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