Monday, 15 February 2010

The Strain Hunters

All true cannabis connoisseurs know Arjan, at least by name. Also known as "the king of cannabis", Arjan is the owner of Green House, one of the best Amsterdam coffeshop and seed company. Besides selling top-notch seed varieties and cannabis (last year Green House won for the second time in a row the Cannabis Cup with their amazing Super Lemon Haze), Arjan loves to travel a lot to find 'in the field' the best seeds available in the world, from India to Africa. They're currently producing a series of videos called "The Strain Hunters", in which one can see all the (sometimes hard but always extremely enjoyable) efforts and love they put in their work. The video below shows Arjan, grower master Franco and Simon traveling in North India, searching for the best ganja fields and meeting with Italian cannabis expert Franco Casalone. You also will see how the so-called globalization is pitiless invading those places too, distroing the local fauna and flora and the lives of local people. As Arjan says, "an ecologic disaster"...

(don't miss also Arjan and friends' expedition in Africa, in search of the legendary Malawi Gold strain...)

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