Friday, 12 March 2010

State of Democracy in Italy

Italian premier and tycoon Silvio Berlusconi is internationally well known for his anti-democratic and ego-inflated attitudes. With him and his cohort of former (?) neo-fascists, anti-immigrant fanatics and corrupted businessmen, Italy is fallen in a bottomless pit, dominated by sultan Berlusconi's media and their incessant political propaganda and de-facto imposition of reactionary, consumistic and conformist life models.

Berlusconi is so uneasy with basic concepts like freddom of speech and freedom of information that often loses his temper when during press conferences some journalists take courage and make unscheduled questions...

This happended just few days ago, when a free-lance journalist suddenly cried out questions about falling ratings and corruption scandals. The premier went berserk and immediately ordered him to be ejected. In the photo you can see how Defense Minister Ignazio LaRussa (with a past as a fascist thug) gladly obey the order...

This is the situation of democracy in Italy today.

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