Saturday, 10 April 2010

Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century

In few days the MAPS' Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century conference will begin...From April 15 to April 18 an impressive panel of international experts will present their lectures to hundreds of attendees in San Jose, California, in the largest conference dedicated solely to psychedelics in the U.S. in 17 years
It seems that the event is already sold-out; nonetheless if you're interested, I invite you to contact MAPS (and in particular their web page dedicated to the conference) to get info and put your name in the waiting list for tickets.

Meanwhile see a very partial list of presenters:

Stanislav Grof, M.D., co-founder of transpersonal psychology
Michael Mithoefer, M.D., principal investigator for MAPS flagship US MDMA/PTSD study
Andrew Weil, M.D., integrative medicine proponent
Alex and Allyson Grey, visionary artists
David Nichols, Ph.D., medicinal chemist and pharmacologist
Charles Grob, M.D., UCLA psilocybin researcher
Robert Jesse, founder of Council on Spiritual Practices (CSP)
Roland Griffiths, Ph.D., principal investigator for CSP's Johns Hopkins psilocybin study
Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., consciousness researcher and psychotherapist
Earth and Fire Erowid, founders of
Rick Doblin, Ph.D., founder and executive director of MAPS
Amanda Feilding, Director of the Beckley Foundation

Among other things, on Saturday night there will be a dinner tribute honoring Sasha and Ann Shulgin.

If you think to be in the area in that period, don't miss this very special event (if you finally get your ticket...!)

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