Monday, 14 June 2010

Chalice Session inna de Mountains

Some people say that cannabis use was brought in Jamaica by Indian immigrants few centuries ago. Surely the rastamen who cultivate and use it ritually share many attitudes and traditions with sadhus, the wanderin' holy men of India. Rastas and sadhus are vegetarian, have hair matted in long dreadlocks/jate and lead a life based upon spiritual values and credences. And they share the same sacrament, the holy herb, that both call ganja.
See here a typical 'chalice' (the clay pipe called 'chillum' by sadhus) session in the Jamaican mountains held by a wild, happy group of rastafarians.
Seeing the video one can easily realize that rastas and sadhus show also the same 'craziness for God' - the first call him Jah, the latter Shiva (and other hundreds names...) - and celebrate him continually, keeping the vibe high...

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