Thursday, 23 September 2010

Love & Other Drugs

A new interesting interview with Ann & Sasha Shulgin about the documentary Dirty Pictures (so named for the sketches of chemical compounds on the vials in Shulgin's lab) and their pioneering work in the psychedelic field.

MICHAEL MARTIN: How did you feel about how you’re portrayed in the documentary?
ANN SHULGIN: I was just very sad that the whole thing wasn’t done after I lost 35 pounds. I think they did a great job. I very much enjoyed it. Of course, Sasha is almost blind, so he couldn’t very well see what’s on the screen.
SASHA SHULGIN: It’s probably just as well.
MARTIN: Sasha, it’s your birthday today. How are you going to celebrate?
SASHA: Live ’til 86.
MARTIN: Are you going to do any experimenting?
SASHA: Oh, no, no.
ANN: No time for that. People are dropping in.
SASHA: Morning, afternoon, the whole thing . . . So no getting into outer space, no way.
MARTIN: In the film, you seem to have a large social circle. Who are those people who are always hanging out at the house?
SASHA: [laughs] You handle that one, Ann. the complete interview here

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