Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Helping the Pioneers

Nowadays, Ann & Sasha Shulgin undoubtedly are the most famous and beloved psychonauts and spokespersons of the international psychedelic community. Their well known  books Phikal and Thikal are two absolute masterpieces in the field of the psychedelic research and human evolution and their wise, articulate approach to the psychoactive substances and their uses is an absolute must for all the interested people, in particular  the younger generations of inner travelers....
But Ann & Sasha are two elders and like all the people of their age, they have to face several health problems. In the last few years Sasha in particular had a stroke, a ulcer on his left foot, severe sight problems and lately also early signs of dementia, mostly loss of short-term memory.
Due to Sasha's increased medical expenses, this beautiful duo is currently suffering from serious financial distress. Just thinking that such brave and lovable pioneers are in this bad situation makes me upset and very sad...
It's time to give a helping hand: please visit Ann and Sasha website and make a ( possibly generous) donation.
And read what The Teaferie has to say about all that:

" I am writing this letter in an attempt to inspire right action. As many of you may already know, Ann and Sasha Shulgin are currently suffering from financial distress largely due to Sasha’s increased medical expenses. This lamentable state of affairs is well within our collective powers to redress, and I feel that it is high time for the psychedelic community to shower our heroic pioneers with a tangible demonstration of our everlasting gratitude.

Everybody knows who the Shulgins are. It’s pretty much impossible to overstate their collective contribution to psychedelic culture, and indeed to the very fabric of human society at large.... "

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