Friday, 7 June 2013

ERIN: a psychedelic novel

My friend Bob Dickins' first novel Erin (and the third publication by the Psychedelic Press) is now available for £ 4.99 (+ p&p). It is limited to 150 numbered and signed copies, a third of which has been preordered get in quick! Erin is set over a four-day arts and music festival called the Solpsycle Gathering.Narrated in the first-person by the protagonist, Lije Baillie, it opens with Lije waking early one morning in the arms of a mysterious girl called Erin, with no memory of who he is and hoe he got there. As the non-linear narrative unfolds, Lije is forced to confront the spectre of an unconscious pathology, as a plethora of psychedelics and a festival on the verge of anarchy, lead him irrevocably toward a confrontation with his darkest self.
Writer and reviewer Roger Keen wrote of Erin: "Erin then is no mere documentary record but a sophisticated multi-levelled psychodrama, where Lije's battles with his inner demons, set against the richly hallucinated backdrop of Solpsycle, come to resemble some fin de siecle Technicolor Greek myth. It's a psy-novel for the high-tech age, in which the wide array of substances available and the composite polymorphous nature of their effects reflect our zeitgeist."
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