Wednesday, 18 September 2013

PSYPRESSUK Vol. 2 2013 is now available !

Continuing its standard of high calibre print publications, this third issue of the Psychedelic Press’ flagship publication includes contributions from many of the leading writers and thinkers in the territory of psychedelic and entheogenic drug writing. Softbound, with a quality matt cover and coated pages, the anthology aims to be an item you’d wish to keep alongside your books—as a fascinating read and an important research tool. You can order a copy from here.  

CONTENT OF PSYPRESSUK 2013 VOL.2 (in order of appearance):
Have We Blown It? Getting Mainstream Support for Psychedelic Medicine – by Dr. Ben Sessa
Psychedelic Research: Past, Present, and Future – by Dr. Stanislav Grof
The Soundless Hum: Psychonautic Underpinnings of William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch – by Roger Keen
A Relational View of Morality: The Case of Stoning in CEBTOUS – by Victor S. Petrone & Antoni Gomila
Seismographic Psychedelia: Reflections on the Direct Influence of Psychedelic on Art – by Henrik Dahl
No Imperfection in the Budded Mountain: Allen Ginsberg and the Writing of Wales Visitation – by Andy Roberts
Some Jungian Reflections on LSD – by Malcolm Davy-Barnes
Yielding to the Mystery: An Ayahuasca Journey – by Alison Terry
Beyond Castaneda Part 2: A Brief HIstory of Psychedelics in Anthropology 1950-present – by Jack Hunter
Transformational Festivals: Reflections on Social Movements and Transformational Festivals as Civil Spheres – by Eric Turner

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