Friday, 1 November 2013

Vance Gellert: Shamans on Camera

Vincent Gellert is an American photographer and researcher who has a doctorate in pharmacology from University of Minnesota and masters in fine arts from Virginia Commonwealth University.
For his project (and exhibition) Smoke and Mirrors: A Journey to Healing Knowledge he has extensively traveled in Peru and Peru, documenting various healing traditions and taking photos of local shamans and 'curanderos'.
Visit Gellert's website to see more 'shamanic photos'....

Elofilo Huamon, Cusco, Peru

Humberto with Santa Maria leaves, Tres Unidos, Peru

Florencia Chumpe, 'reading' coca leaves

Victor Ventos, stone healer, Iquitos, Peru

Fredy Puma, q'ero healer, Iquitos, Peru

Percy Garcia Lozano, shaman of the new generation,
Iquitos, Peru

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