Thursday, 13 February 2014

Transference of Epiphany: A Talk with Michael Divine

Contemporary Visionary Art has come to be associated with global festival culture, but more importantly it is a movement that bridges both the myriad historical art movements as well as more ancient mystical artistic practices. Persevering through changes of context and technology, this motley lineage of artists shares a commitment to exploring consciousness and our place in an ecological cosmos. These artists remind us that unseen dimensions are only obscure to our material eyes, and that through the creation and appreciation of art, we can awaken to and realize our fullest potential.
Among the newer iterations of visionary artists - a cohort that includes Amanda Sage, Luke Brown, Adam Scott Miller, and Andrew “Android” Jones - Michael Divine has carved out a niche all his own...
continue reading Nese Devenot's interwiew to Michael on REALITYSANDWICH 

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