Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Machine Elves 101 e-book

Author: Daniel Moler
Print Lenght: 45 pages
Price: $ 4.99
Publisher: Reality Sandwich Singles

Terence McKenna is an underground legend. Join a conversation with the key words psychedelic, entheogen, DMT, ayahuasca, mushroom, shamanism, or 2012, and his name is bound to crop up. Saunter into the middle of a Burning Man Festival and you'll find shrines built in his honor. But on Main Street, USA, they've never heard of him. Who is the man the Village Voice dubbed the “Copernicus of consciousness?" 

Machine Elves 101 covers all the high points of the McKenna story: the experiment at La Chorrea, the pioneering magic mushroom cultivation of the 70s, The Invisible Landscape, the Palenque Entheobotany Seminars, visitations by the Machine Elves while on DMT, the Stoned Ape hypothesis, The Timewave and what it predicted for Dec 21, 2012, and The Archaic Revival. Also included is an exclusive interview with Dennis McKenna, Terence's frequent collaborator, who candidly discusses his brother's legacy. Machine Elves 101 offers the first comprehensive introduction to the life and work of this visionary icon. Read an excerpt here 

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