Wednesday, 22 October 2014

EntheoReadings: New Arrivals !

If you're interested in psychedelic culture, entheobotany (visionary plants) and writing on (and about) psychoactive drugs, don't miss the new issues of

The Nexian (vol. 2)

In the second issue of the e-zine The Nexian (a spin-off of  DMT Nexus) you can find a remembrance of Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin, an interview with Dr. Rick Strassman, articles on underground research, cacti cultivation, manufacturing DMT and much more.
You can download it for free here

DRAGIBUS (Vol. 2 issue 4)

In this new issue of Dragibus you'll find articles on Plants of the  Vikings, The scent of entheogens, a photo gallery of Ethno-Artifacts and more
You can order your copy (and back issues) here

Psychedelic Press UK (2014 vol. 4)

Don't miss also the new issue of the intriguing  Psychedelic Press UK, with two articles on the iconic "literary outlaw" William S. Burroughs  writings on psychedelic possession, intuition and psychedelic thinking, adventures in a Yorkshire landscape and more
To get your copy (and back issues and subscription) go here

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