Saturday, 31 January 2015

Goodbye to Hoppy

John "Hoppy" Hopkins,  photographer, journalist, researcher and political activist was one of the best known character of the British counterculture. During the sixties he worked as a photographer for several magazines (e.g. Melody Maker and Peace News) and photographed many of the leading musicians  (Beatles and Stones for all) and countercultural icon like Allen Ginsberg and organized many peace marches, poetry readings and happenings.
In 1966 he co-founded the well known British underground zine IT (International Times) and opened the  UFO club, the short-lived and now legendary  legendary psychedelic meeting point for the local freaks which had the Pink Floyd ad the 'resident band'.
More recently he was a speaker at the LSD Symposium held in Basel (Switzerland) in 2006.
John has died yesterday at the age of 78
Rest in Peace brother, you were one of the colored and perfumed flowers of  the psychedelic community and we will never forget you.....

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