Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Life and Death of Jack Coe

A small percentage of drug addicts are just irresponsible, unreliable and often violent people by nature, while the majority is just people who try to manage their habit in the best way possible. Yes, many of them steal, lie and cheat, but all that is due to prohibitionist laws and propaganda that treat (some) addictions like a horrible crime and create a sub-species of human beings. Have you noticed:
people like Keith Richards or Basquiat are considered cool guys (with just a passion for hard drugs) while the average heroin user, often homeless, is just an awful junky to loathe and possibly to lock in...Does it work by census?? Yes.
Many hard drugs users are just normal people with a problem: often they can't even speak about that with others (even family members), nonetheless they can be lovely people and even good parents...And I can say that for personal experience, I met some of them in my life....
See the story of Jack Coe, a good guy who just chose the "wrong" substances....

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