Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Erowid Extracts 27

Erowid is a renowned non-profit educational organization.and the number one website for what concerns correct and unbiased drug info.  Their mission is "to provide and facilitate access to objective, accurate and non-judgmental information about plants, chemicals, technologies and related issues that affect the mind, body and culture."
You can support this meritorious organization by becoming a member; there are several levels of membership (from "low income" to "ally"), matched by a series of gifts, and every member will receive 2 issues of Erowid Extracts, Erowid's bi-annual newsletter.
If you aren't a member yet or you're thinking about renewing, you can take advantage of the publishing of the new issue of Erowid Extracts:
Erowid Extracts 27 contains:

- Letters & Feedback
- Psychoactive Zeitgeist
- If I Do My Job Well, You Can't Tell I'm Here
- Teatime: Common Sense
- Review: The Manual of Psychedelic Support
- On Kratom: After 15 Years of International Availability
- Shulgin Archiving Dispatch
- The Customs of a Coca Connoiseur
- The Distillation

So please don't hesitate and become an Erowid member now !
Erowid Membership  

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