Thursday, 11 June 2015

Comes Spake the Cuckoo: An Interview with Ken Kesey

Read an interview (1992) with Ken Kesey, author, psychedelic pioneer, prime mover of the Merry Pranksters and countercultural icon.

It was just another Saturday on Ken Kesey’s farm, but it felt like Shangri-La. Some shaven-headed freak stood staring down from the rough-hewn stage, glassy-eyed and grinning through a musky amalgam of marijuana and pine, slapping a pair of spoons against his chest and thigh–a demented rhythm section in an unknown band, one of the dozens to play in the moss-draped south-40 of a man uniformly known as America’s First Hippie. While every cop in Eugene stood poised on the roadside overlooking a commercial replacement for the Grateful Dead’s aborted late-August doubleheader, the Cuckoo strode around his own eight acres, miles away, in a striped referee’s shirt, signing autographs and posing reticently for the cameras–an icon who, in the words of Hunter Thompson, “has found out a way to live out there where the real winds blow.”
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