Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Demonizing (certain) Drugs (and Keeping Silent about Others...)

I don't know if  Terra Incognita readers and visitors use or are at least interested in psychoactive drugs, but I guess that they're all truth seekers and lovers, so probably interested in this article from The Independent which efficaciously explains "why does someone dying from alcohol poisoning get no media coverage, while an ecstasy-related death does"....
You will also learn about a real dangerous addictive habit: "equasy".....

"Six years ago the [ English ] Government's chief drugs advisers, David Nutt, alerted us to a frightening addiction called "equasy".
Equasy, as Nutt described it, was a pursuit that released adrenaline and pleasurable endorphins into the brain. It was also extremely dangerous, often fatal. Nutt reckoned that around one in every 350 usages of equasy resulted in acute phisical harm.Worse still, this was an addiction that had in its grip tens of thousand of people across Britain, including small children." (....)

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