Thursday, 19 November 2015

Medicinal Plant Time-Lapse

After decades of hysterical and senseless demonization, in more recent times the beneficial and therapeutic values of cannabis have been validated by countless scientific studies; ever more people use it as an effective medicine which can reduce the symptoms of many diseases, as a mild psychoactive, enjoyable and safe recreational substance (if used with moderation) and even as a sacrament. For sure, it can efficaciously replace addictive pain-killers and other chemical, toxic medicinal products and can be a saner (and more 'cool') alternative to alcoholic beverages.
See the miracle of the cannabis plant growth and see in great details all its incredible multi-colored hues and outstanding resin glands content.....(Unfortunately we can't get the intense, intoxicating smell here....)
(music by Chillaholic - Wussnaeahned)

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