Tuesday, 3 November 2015

OZ on line

Dedicated to 'sex, drugs and rock'n roll' and radical activism, OZ was one of the most important and diffused English 'underground magazines' (together with IT [International Times], Time Out and Frendz.) It was published in London by Richard Neville (with co-editor Jim Anderson and later also Felix Dennis) from 1967 to 1973. With an outstanding psychedelic graphic and provocative contents, OZ well represented the wild spirit of those ebullient times and the establishment tried to shut it down- with trials and intimidation -  in more than an occasion. In 1970, the editors invited "school kids" to edit an issue which scandalized right-winkers and conformists and led to a long trial for obscenity. At the end of the trial the editors were found "not guilty" on the "conspiracy to corrupt public morals" but were convicted of two lesser offences and sentenced to imprisonment. At the appeal trial the convictions were overturned.
Now you can read ( and download ) the old issues of the legendary OZ  here. A good and funny way to remember (or know) that happy but controversial period, in which "changing the world" seemed a really possible task.....
OZ Magazine wiki 

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