Friday, 5 February 2016

The Fascinating History of Legal/Illegal Psychedelic Therapy

Ancient psychoactive plant sacrements like peyote, ayahuasca or psylocibin mushrooms, novel psychedelics like LSD and emphatogens like MDMA have been demonized, put in the same undifferentiated and unscientific cauldron of the  'poisons and illicit substances', on the one hand impeding a legitimate and promising scientific research and on the other creating an underground, completely out of control  market. Despite prohibition, taboo and police terrorism, several corageus psychotherapists have silently continued their work with patients all around the world,  in absolute secrecy and at risk of long prison terms and  destroyed careers. But in the last few years, the psychedelic research is slowly re-gaining its place within the scientific community and ever more researchers work (or are willing to work) in this fascinating field.
Read the controversial and engaging history of  psychedelic (or psycholytic) therapy (and find out who is Friederike Meckel Fisher....)

The Therapist Who Was Arrested for Using LSD and MDMA with Patients 

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