Saturday, 23 April 2016

Goodbye Mr Nice....(1945 - 2016)

For some reason I miss the sad news of Howard Marks' death, happened on April 10. Best known by many as 'Mr Nice' (one of the several aliases he adopted during his career as a preminent international hashish and marijuana smuggler between 1970 and 1987), Howard was a brilliant writer
and a cool, intelligent and loveable guy: you can read about his adventurous life in his famous autobio "Mr Nice" (1996), and read about the discovery, uses and trade of psychoactive substances on "Book of Dope Stories" (2001), his various travel adventures in "Senior Nice: Straight Life from Wales to South America" (2006) and also found his talent as a fiction writer in the thriller "Symphaty for the Devil" (2011). 
Rest in Peace brave brother.....
Read more about Mr Nice here and here

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