Sunday, 3 July 2016

In a Devotional Mood

In recent years the ancient Hindu tradition of mantra repetition (japa) and holy names singing (kirtan) has more consistently spread all over the world and many spiritually-oriented musicians make jam sessions, albums and tours to spread this simple but powerful practice and easy way to get an ecstatic state of consciousness and deep communication with the Inner Self.
It's nice to see that musicians coming from different spiritual traditions and paths - Shiva devotees, Hare Krishna, Sufi, Sikh, Rasta etc. - happily mingle together to sing together in joy and beyond their personal, 'formal' differences.
See for example  the kirtan singer, player and composer David Newman (aka Durga Das) jamming with a fine group of friends/musicians  to record his "You Can Count on Me" tune. His fascinating mix of modern (Western) music ("country" in this case) and kirtan is beautiful and surely hearth opening and the final result is a wild explosions of feelings, strong energy and happiness.....
David Newman/Durga Das 


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