Thursday, 8 September 2016

Duterte the Crazy Killer

It seems that irresponsable, deliriant, populist (and  fascist politicians)  are ever more popular in recent times. People like the old racist fart Trump, putschist and criminal of war Erdogan or the disquietating,Spectre-like Putin are going strong and have the reckless support of many of their idiotic voters. Take for example Rodrigo Duterte, the deliriant Philipino president. a nut, an egotic thug who is leading a personal version of the "war on drugs" in his country, which includes extrajudicial killing of suspected drug dealers and users. "If you know a junky kill him" or "If I would find that my son is a drug user I would kill him" are some of his demented declarations. More than 2500 people - primarily low/medium level pushers and poor addicts - were killed in the first few months of the president's new administrations, with "deat squads" running wild  in this modern version of the 'witch hunt'. And if someone criticizes Duterte's anti-drug politics, they become just another  target,, as it recently happened to Obama, called "a son of a bitch" just because he expressed his doubts on the legitimacy and efficacy of such extreme anti-drug politics.
Let's boycott this crazy asshole, donouncing his criminal politics all over the Web. The 'original' (american) 'war on drugs' generates monsters and demented anti-drug politics in the so-called 'third world'....

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