Friday, 16 September 2016

Supporting EROWID

Since 1995 Erowid is the primary source of correct, unbiased info about (legal and illegal) psychoactive substances. The first-hand experiences written by the users and regularly posted on their website, are an unprescindible reading for psychonauts, doctors, researchers and all people seriously interested in the matter. Reading  other people's experiences has often saved life.
Erowid is a non-profit educational organization that needs the ongoingsupport of members, donors and sympathetic people. You can help Erowid by donating during their  public support drive. Each September they seek a new high for the number of donors in one month. They're shooting for 1,194 (one more than last year). Donation of $ 10 to $ 500 will be matched one-to-one during the second half of September. 
Please help EROWID change the world with a small donation....See Details Here  

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