Wednesday, 19 April 2017

April 19: Bicycle Day

Today is  "Bicycle Day": on April 19, 1943 the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann took the first (intentional) dose of LSD in human history.  To celebrate that epochal event,  the Psychedelic Science conference will begin today in Oakland, California and several "Bicycle Day" gatherings will be held in many places around the world (S. Francisco, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Melbourne, etc.)
The video below is an introduction to the book "The Rose of Paracelsus", wrote by William Leonard Pickard, writer, philosopher and chemist and a PODW (Prisoner of Drug War) who received a life sentence without parole for manufacturing and distributing LSD produced in what is considered the largest clandestine laboratory in American history.
If you're interested in psychedelics, philosophy and spirituality, don't miss Leonard's beautiful book (The Rose of Paracelsus)

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