Monday, 24 April 2017

Poole's Land

"Poole picked out a white dried-up mushroom the size of my thumb and snapped it in two. “A gram for each of you,” says Poole, and hands me my half. One gram, it seemed, was a bit of a conservative portion, but I had heard stories of the Poole’s Land mushrooms. Like everything else on Michael Poole’s 17 acre rain forest property, the mushrooms grew with a powerful vitality which didn’t exist out east.
“Poole’s Land”, owned by the 63-year old Michael Poole, is a bit of a legend amongst hitchhikers and hippies, known for its liberal trade of hallucinogenic drugs and cheap summer surf boarding. For a few hours of work, you can earn your stay on his property, or – as we had done – trade work time for a taste of the “magic”....."
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Symbiosis eco-village in Tofino from Fabien Rousselot on Vimeo.

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