Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Let's Support EROWID !

Erowid is the most reliable web source of information about psychoactive drugs since 1995, daily visited by ten thousands interested people. Erowid is a non-profit educational organization and the support of members and visitors is fundamental to keep it working at the usual high standard.
Erowid.org (and EcstasyData.org) are invaluable assets in the fight for
sanity with respect to psychoactives substances and technologies. Each
year in September, Erowid concentrates on seeking financial help from
the public to support and grow these resources and build on their

With only a few days left in their September support-a-thon, Erowid is
seeking 600 more contributions to reach a new high for the number of
donors supporting Erowid's reliable drug information in a single month.
This year's goal is 1,225 unique donations of $5 or higher (one more
than last year).
Until the matching funds run out, donations of $10 to $500 will be
*doubled* by a matching challenge.

If you think  that Erowid's mission is important (often even life saving) please make a donation !

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