Friday, 18 May 2018

Acid Drops: An Interview with Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts is an historian of Britain LSD psychedelic culture and author of Acid Drops: Adventures in Psychedelia (2016) and Albion Dreaming: A Popular History of LSD in Britain (2008)
While terms like 'acid' or 'psychedelic culture' are usually and immediately associated with California, Tim Leary or Grateful Dead, Andy's books tell us that the (much less known) British LSD history is  just as interesting and involving and  represented by  characters like Aldous Huxley and Michael Hollingshead who were among the real prime movers of the 'psychedelic revolution' of the sixties.
Read an interesting interview with Andy Roberts on Psychedelic Frontier
(Acid Drops in Terra Incognita) 

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