Tuesday, 25 May 2010


One of the ever effective heritages of the '60s/'70s are the alternative festivals/gatherings annually held in various parts of the globe. Going to similar events, one can expect to find not only good music and no-stop dancing, the peaceful sharing of psychoactive sacraments and good vibrations in beautiful natural environments, but also informal 'conferences' on various topics, meditation and drumming sessions, art performances and much more.

One of the best gatherings of the genre is Symbiosis, yearly held in California since 2005.

See this short video about the 2009 edition of Symbiosis and visit the Symbiosis site to read the event history, to see photos and videos, to get info about the next gathering (Sept. 15-18, 2010) and many other things.

(Thanks to Teleomorph which - recently posting a video about Symbiosis - prompted me to get further info about this interesting gathering and found another video on the Web...)

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