Friday, 26 April 2013

A Conversation with Albert Hofmann

April 19, 1943 is known by all psychedelic interested people as "The Bycicle day". That day, Dr. Albert Hofmann took the first intentional dose of LSD in the human history. After ingesting the entheogen in his laboratory, the good chemist took his bicycle to go back home: without doubt, that was the most amazing and extraordinary bycicle ride ever, since then celebrated all over the world, with official and underground events...
In November 1996, Charles Grob  interviewed Albert Hofmann near his home in Basel, Switzerland.
Now you can read that interview on Erowid:

CG: Dr. Hofmann, thank you for speaking with me.I would like to tape-record our discussion, with the understanding that you will be provided a transcript for review and approval before publication. I would  first like to ask how old are you currently and how is your health?
AH: I am 90 years old, and I am feeling very fit. I had knee surgery last month, but am now doing very well. The rehabilitation hospital has provided excellent physical therapies for my knee, and I am almost ready to go home to Rittematte. I am in very good condition, and swim in the indoor pool every day. I will miss the swimming, but I am looking forward to going home soon.
CG: I would like to speak with you about your views on psychedelic drugs. To start with, do you believe it is possible to reestablish psychedelic research as a respectable scientific field?
AH: I think there are many good signs.....

Hofmann and Grob
(photo by Erowid, 2006)

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